Check Out Some Brand New Fighting EX Layer Gameplay Footage

After revealing two new characters earlier this month, we haven’t heard too much from AKIRA’s upcoming fighting game Fighting EX Layer. That changed today when the studio released a brand new video showing off nearly 12 minutes of gameplay. Sadly, no new information about when exactly the game will release has been revealed, but fans excited for the game likely won’t be mad at a chance to check out some brand new gameplay footage.

You can check out the new footage for Fighting EX Layer below:

When Fighting EX Layer launches, the standard version of the game will launch for $59.99 and include 15 Gougi decks with 12 characters. A “light” version of the game will also be available for $39.99 and include 5 gougi decks with 12 characters. Two DLC color types will be available after launch, and a single player option will also be available in the game. For more information on the upcoming release, including the mostly finished roster, check out below (via ResetEra):

-Standard version is $59.99 (includes 15 Gougi decks w/ 12 characters + Hokuto variation)

-Light version is $39.99 (includes 5 Gougi decks w/ 12 characters)

-Digital only (if successful, a physical release is possible)

-Steam version a possibility (if title is successful)

-Japanese VA (no English)

-DLC colors (Type-A and Type-Gold)

-Legacy controllers will not be supported at launch

-There will be a single player option but not in the form of a “story” mode

-Focused on bringing back original cast before new characters are created

Roster (two yet to be announced)

-Allen Snider

-Blair Dame

-Darun Mister

-Doctrine Dark


-Jack (formerly known as Cracker Jack)



-Shirase (Hokuto as a variation)


Fighting Layer EX will launch sometime before June 2018.