The Very First Guilty Gear Will See a Digital Release on PlayStation 4

Arc System Works’ Guilty Gear series has been one of the major pillars in Japan’s fighting game scene. Ever since the latest generation Guilty Gear Xrd was released, it has been even featured regularly in the Evolution Championship Series. But before there is Guilty Gear Xrd, and before there is Guilty Gear XX, there was Guilty Gear, the very first game in the eventual series that was released for PlayStation 1 on May 14, 1998.

That means the Guilty Gear series has just reached its 20th anniversary. And to commemorate this, Arc System Works has just announced that they are going to port the first Guilty Gear game to PlayStation 4 and other current-gen platforms.

We have translated Arc System Works’ Japanese press release for the Guilty Gear PS4 port as follows:

Arc System Works has decided to release Guilty Gear digitally on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

The Guilty Gear series has proven its existence as one of the defining points of 2D versus fighting games. This game is a port product of the first ever Guilty Gear, which appealed a lot of fans with a composition of an original gameplay system and a unique world setting.

This distinctive game presents battles with all-time high tensions, especially due to the Murder Outbreak system that can settle fights with a single blow. You will be able to enjoy Guilty Gear, the starting point of the series, on the newest hardware. For the latest information on this game, please wait for more news in the future!

As of this article, Arc System Works has not announced a launch timeframe for the digital release of Guilty Gear for PlayStation 4 yet. More information on this port of the series’ first-ever title will be published at a later date.

[Source: Gamer]