Brand New Project Cars Game Unveiled

New Project Cars Game Called Project Cars GO

You might be interested to know that Slighty Mad Studios, the makers of Project Cars, is preparing a mobile spin-off for the motorsport racing series. The new Project Cars game is called Project Cars GO (figures, really) and the project was given to US-based studio Gamevil. They have described Project Cars GO as “an authentic and enjoyable mobile racing game.” We have no launch date at this point.

“We are excited to work with Slightly Mad Studios to bring Project CARS GO to mobile racing fans around the world,” said Gamevil USA president, Kyu Lee. “Project CARS GO will feature a host of licensed vehicles and deep car customization options that will bring the authenticity and feel of Project CARS to mobile devices.”

Project CARS hit the market in 2015 and has sold over 2 million units worldwide since then.

“Alongside Gamevil, Project CARS GO will put players in the driver’s seat to experience the adrenaline pumping racing game in a whole new way,” Slightly Mad Studios boss Ian Bell said. “The racing genre has a large, dedicated fan base, who are going to be stomping the gas pedal and burning rubber very soon.”

Oh and just in case you forgot, Project Cars 2 was released last year for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Check out our review.

[Source: GamesPress]