RUMOR: Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Looming Ahead, Guerrilla Hiring

Horizon Zero Dawn made its own mark and these days the scene of console video games is more competitive than ever. Among all of the triple-A releases last year, Guerrilla Games’ open-world action RPG shined above all else. Good for Sony that they locked it up as an exclusive. Today, we’ve spotted a few signs indicating the existence of Horizon Zero Dawn 2.

Right, now, before you guys nail me to the cross on this one, you should know that we didn’t get any Horizon Zero Dawn 2 press releases in our inbox. We didn’t get any media or info. However, what we did find are a whole bunch of job openings over at Guerrilla Games, the creators of Horizon Zero Dawn. You may think nothing of it. Still, let us tantalize you for a bit.

There are numerous job listings on Guerrilla’s official website, but if you look at those positions more closely, it could very well mean that their upcoming project is actually another open-world action adventure game.

To begin with, the Amsterdam-based dev studio is looking for a senior quest designer, to help them “create ground-breaking, innovative gameplay experiences that immerse the player in the story.”

Next off, they want to hire an environment artist to compose diverse in-game locations using modular assets and “work with other departments to meet the story, quest, and design requirements for each location.” In addition to those, a combat designer was also mentioned. In that regard, they are on the lookout for someone who will help them improve character action combat mechanics for the genre, and take it the next level.

If it’s not Horizon Zero Dawn 2, it just might be new DLC (the Frozen Wilds DLC was awesome, and we’d love to see more).

So yeah, this could be just wishful thinking from someone who completely loved the game (and we totally loved it). The beauty of the whole assumption is that the E3 2018 is almost upon us. There’s a possibility that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 might be one of Sony’s surprises they have lined-up for show this year. Keep your fingers crossed, everyone.

[Source: SegmentNext and Stevivor]