Developers Explain Decision Behind Vampyr Save Slot Choice

Earlier this week, it was reported that the upcoming action-RPG Vampyr would only feature one save slot per playthrough, meaning if you make a mistake you don’t particularly like, there is no going back to redo it. After some backlash from players on this choice, developers Dontnod have taken to trying to explain the reasoning behind it.

In a recent email to COGConnected, a Dontnod representative revealed the decision behind the one playthrough limitation was simply to give the players choices more impact. “Players do not manually control saves, beyond having three slots for three separate campaigns,” the spokesperson said. “This means that all decisions are permanent – players will need to think through their options carefully with no ‘safety net’ to fall back on!”

For those worried about potential corrupted save issues, Dontnod promised it has “backup systems” in place to avoid that issue, so players shouldn’t have anything to fear going forward. Of course, players will still be unhappy about the situation, but this decision does give more weight to the choices you make in the game, so make sure to always think it through and make them wisely.

For even more on the latest game from DONTNOD, check out our Vampyr preview. Here’s a snippet of what Chandler Wood had to say about the upcoming title:

While you can level up by earning experience points as you complete investigations and other quests, the most experience can be gained by sucking the blood of innocent people. There are four endings to the game, one of which can only be viewed if you go through the game without killing anybody. As you meet the inhabitants of London, you will get to know them, and their reasons for why they may want something from you. Purity of blood also plays a factor in how much experience you could potentially gain from someone: a caring elderly woman, for instance, had very pure blood, and thus a large XP reward if you chose to drain her blood – but then her death will cause a rippling effect throughout the district.

Vampyr looks like a promising new take on the world of vampires. In an industry over-saturated with zombies, this other form of the undead is a refreshing change of pace. Knowing that the game includes multiple endings will also entice gamers to change up their play style in an effort to view them all.

Vampyr is set to release in June 5, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: COGConnected]