ps4 system update 5 55

PlayStation 4 Patch Update 5.55 Is Available Albeit Mysterious

Not really, but having this at the patch notes just triggers this weird feeling, you know?

Main features in system software update version 5.55

  • This system software update improves system performance.

Probably just a soft patch to the already big 5.50 patch we got last March. Then again, a soft patch wouldn’t have a 460.1MB file size, wouldn’t it? There might be some system features that are introducing loopholes on some areas, and Sony just decided to fix it rather than just leak what bad things just happened. Again, we don’t know anything about this update besides that is has quite a huge file size, and it improves system performance.

You might need to use the option settings to begin the patch download. I tried using network related services on mine and it just prompted the update. If you decide to do a manual patch, EU/UK users can get the patch here, and NA users will get the patch from here possibly later this day.

We’ll be monitoring Sony’s websites on any other information regarding this patch, if they decide to launch anything.

Do you guys think this is an improvement to the many feature 5.50 gave us earlier this year? Let us know on the comments below!