Days Gone: An Uncharted-style Story With Open World Design

Game Informer’s coverage of Sony’s PS4-exclusive, Days Gone, revealed quite a lot of new information about the highly anticipated action adventure. Now, you might be thinking, “This is just another open world game.” The folks over at Bend Studio wish to make it clear that the Days Gone open world mechanics are different to other games in the genre.

There’s more to it. From a developer’s aspect, Bend Studio talked about the challenges of mish-mashing Uncharted-style storytelling with sandbox gameplay. We’ve already seen quite a lot of people comparing the game with The Last of Us. The makers of Days Gone were quick to point out that there were no similarities whatsoever.

The main appeal of Days Gone is the fact that steers you towards the main path more so than other open world games. It appears that a great number of the missions and characters will push the story forward. John Garvin, the game’s writer and creative director, said, “Imagine if this were like Uncharted… A 20-hour game that is very linear and it has a bunch of setpieces and it goes from beginning to end. We wanted to try to have that, but have that in an open world.”

It also seems that the narrative is going to be divided into three subplots that will intertwine. “It’s a classic novelistic technique… when the player starts getting bored with Boozer, boom, that’s when this other thing’s happening. And when they get bored with that, this other thing happens,” explained Garvin.

It’s obviously a very huge world and a very ambitious project, one that Sony is determined to get just right. If you are keen to learn more details about what to expect from Days Gone, check out our report from early May (covering the game’s length, plot details and more).

At this time, Days Gone is slated to arrive in early 2019.

[Source: Game Informer and PushSquare]