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Square Enix Files Trademark for ‘Outriders’ Ahead of E3

Folks over at Gematsu have spotted a brand new trademark application filed by Square Enix in Europe for something called “Outriders” under the computer game software and entertainment services categories. It’s not unheard of for companies to file trademark applications ahead of events like E3 but take any speculation that comes with it with a grain of salt until we have official confirmation.

There are two possibilities here: an Avengers project or the previously announced AAA shooter with Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly.

Last year, Square Enix and Marvel joined forces to develop several games, with the first one being set in the Avengers universe. The title Outriders gives us the impression that it might have something to do with this project.

As for People Can Fly, the studio announced that it’s working on a AAA console and PC shooter in partnership with Square Enix last June but no further details were announced at the time. In a recent interview with Polygon, CEO Sebastian Wojciechowski asked fans to expect the same quality of work that the studio has been putting out since 2002. Although the Polish developer split from Epic Games, it’s still working closely with the company and lending its talent to Fortnite.

What do our readers think Outriders is?

[Source: EUIPO via Gematsu]