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The Golf Club 2019 Will Feature a PGA Tour Career Mode

Earlier today, developer HB Studios revealed that the upcoming The Golf Club 2019 will be getting some more tournaments for players to participate in. In a video a shared on the studios YouTube channel, they revealed that the upcoming golf game is now an officially partnered with the PGA Tour, meaning players will be able to complete a comprehensive PGA Tour Career Mode when they pick up the game.

“We are so excited for the launch of The Golf Club 2019 featuring the PGA TOUR that highlights some of our best tournaments,” said Len Brown, PGA TOUR Chief Legal Officer and Executive Vice President of Licensing. “This will allow our fans to take the same path to the PGA TOUR by earning their card through the Tour.  Additionally, this will give gamers the opportunity to play under the same tournament conditions that our players face week in and week out.  We are thrilled with this partnership.”

When the game launches, the initial partnership will include six replicas of TPC courses played each year on the PGA Tour: TPC Summerlin, TPC Scottsdale Stadium Course, TPC Sawgrass’ The Players Stadium Course, TPC Southwind, TPC Deere Run, and TPC Boston. Players will begin their career in the Tour qualifying tournament, which marks the start of a journey to become a PGA Tour member. Finishing in the top 75 of that event qualifies for entry into the Tour, and from there, players will have multiple ways of advancing to the actual PGA Tour to begin their pro career, including:

  • Finishing in 1st place in three of the six events
  • Finishing in the top 25 on the money list

Once on the PGA Tour, users will be able to compete for the FedExCup over 32 events, top spots on the leaderboards, and will also be able to work on achieving their sponsorship goals for in-game rewards, all the while competing against rivals on the green. For more on how Rivalries and Sponsor Goals will work, HB Studios shared the following:


Once on the PGA TOUR, a player’s skills are noticed, leading to a rivalry with another player on TOUR. Over the following events they will compete head-to-head to prove who is the better player, not only on the leaderboard but also statistically. Players will compete for points in Number of Strokes, Front 9 Score, Back 9 Score, Birdies or Better, No Bogey Round, Best Hole and Worst Hole. The first player who reaches 20 points overall wins the rivalry and the bragging rights before moving on to the next challenge.

Sponsor Goals

On the road to the FedExCup Playoffs, a player will attract the attention of various sponsors, who will offer an opportunity to represent their brand while completing challenges throughout each season. The better the performance, the more attention a player will draw from sponsors. A player will have to manage partnerships and challenges for rewards. Each sponsor comes with three levels where a player will have to complete 1-3 challenges to receive a reward.

The Golf Club 2019 is currently set to launch sometime in 2018.