the golf club 2019 character customization

New Video Details Character Customization in The Golf Club 2019

The Golf Club 2019 won’t release until later this year, but that isn’t stopping developer HB Studios from showcasing more of the game as we get closer to it. In a newly released edition of their Dev Talk series, the studio highlights the game and its extensive character customization choices. In the video, fans will not only get to see a funny intro from the team, but also some fresh gameplay that shows off how players will be able to change everything on their character from their facial features, height, weight, and clothes.

You can check out the full Dev Talk video below:

According to Josh Hickey-Patriquin – the Senior Technical Animator for The Golf Club 2019 – the team at HB Studios reworked a ton of modeling and shading, specifically for the hair in the game. Thanks to a new software installation, players will find that their characters in the game not only have better animations, but feel less stiff and move better.

For more on the upcoming The Golf Club 2019, make sure to check out below for a brief overview of the features in the game:

  • In addition to the library of 170,000 existing user-created courses which everyone can play, The Golf Club 2019 will include a selection of real-world courses intricately mapped using high detail terrain data.
  • Online Matchmaking brings a new streamlined experience to The Golf Club franchise for competitive play. Compete on any of the approved and official courses in a round of Head to Head Match Play, 2-4 player Stroke Play, Alt-shot or Fourball Team Play, or put your virtual currency on the line in wager matches featuring Skins.
  • Private Matches give the full benefits of Matchmaking with control over who is invited to play, the course played, round format used and additional conditions for each match.
  • Massively expanded upon Character Editor. A vast array of new character customization options including licensed apparel and brand integration for the first time in a TGC game, new club heads, and adjustable character height and weight options.
  • Enhanced Online and Solo Societies. Grow your members, upgrade your Clubhouse, run tournaments and earn virtual currency. Society owners can now add others as Admins, entry requirement settings allow Society owners to set specific criteria, and event entries can now be determined by results and standings from previous events.
  • The award-winning Course Designer just gets bigger and better! Design, build and share your courses online using cutting edge procedural generation or get intimate with the powerful terrain editing tools. New features include optimized autofill options when drawing splines and painting surfaces, tree rotation plus many new objects in the extensive library of 400+ props for designers to create with.

The Golf Club 2019 is currently slated to launch sometime this year.

[Source: DualShockers]