Golf Club wasteland release date

Golf Club: Wasteland Lets You Golf on the Remnants of Earth’s Consumerist Tendencies This September

Golf Club: Wasteland, the tongue in cheek side-scrolling golf adventure that sees you enjoy a few holes of golf across a ruined Earth, releases September 3, 2021. This is a very small delay from the previously announced release window of August 2021, but it’s being pushed to “finish up some free extras” that the team is adding. “Also, who even knows what time it is anymore?”  Igor Simic, CEO of Demagog Studios added.

We initially said the game would be out in August, but we wanted to finish up some free extras we’re adding so we pushed it by a week. Also, who even knows what time is anymore?

When the super rich have left the Earth a desolate wasteland and moved to Mars, what is there left to do? Turn the whole damn thing into a golf course, it seems. A lone golfer returns to Earth to play a few final holes on the graves of humanity. The adventure lends a satirical yet poignant view to how consumerism, Silicon Valley culture, and ecological disaster wiped out the vast majority of humanity and left their tomb a unique new green (sort of?) for those with nothing better to do or spend their money on.

Golf Club: Wasteland’s environments are filled with jokes both subtle and obvious, little jabs at the modern culture of wealth and technology. Its narrative is told through the golfer’s journey, a “custom radio show style soundtrack,” and the aforementioned environmental storytelling that will make it rather clear who and what are responsible for turning Earth into a wasteland golf course.

Check out the release date trailer for a new look at Golf Club: Wasteland.

Golf Club: Wasteland comes to PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Switch on September 3, 2021. Don’t worry, this satirical look at our inevitable future is not only for the super rich. It rings in at just $9.99 or regional equivalents on all platforms, so you too can experience the joy of a few rounds of golf on a planet-sized graveyard.