Golf Club Wasteland PS4

Post-Apocalyptic Platformer Golf Club Wasteland Turns a Ruined Earth into a Golf Course for the Rich

Golf Club Wasteland, a puzzle platformer set on a post-apocalypse Earth-turned golf course for the uber-rich, has been announced for the PS4. Publisher Untold Tales, formed by former Techland devs, will publish the game with Demagog Studio developing. Players control Charley, a lone golfer playing his way through various holes on Earth, while listening to a nostalgic radio broadcast from Mars—parodying NPR or BBC public radio broadcasts—where wealthy humans currently reside. Golf Club Wasteland releases August 2021.

The 2D sidescrolling adventure game was announced as part of IGN’s “Summer of Gaming”. Golf Club Wasteland combines elements of platforming and puzzle-solving mechanics, all while the steady stream of narration explains how humanity came into such a mess. Players will have to avoid hazards and obstacles, as well as wrap their heads around moving components in order to get the ball into the hole.

If that isn’t enough, players can also try their hand at the Challenge Mode and Iron Mode, in addition to the default Story mode. Challenge mode will set a par for each course, which players will have to meet in order to complete the level. Iron mode, as explained in IGN’s article, is the hardest difficulty and will provide “almost no room for error”.

Additionally, the newly released trailer gives us a good idea as to what the tone of the game will be. Golf Club Wasteland doesn’t shy away from the fact that the wealthy elite caused the climate disaster that now engulfs the Earth. Statements like “Some will profit from a disaster. Not you.” and “Eat The Rich.” are just a few examples. Neon lights shining through the dense fog with the words “Covfefe” and “Faux News” also make it pretty clear where Golf Club Wasteland stands as it sets up its post-apocalyptic golfer’s paradise.

These elements may present a bit of heavy-handed satire, but the world-building does have the potential to say something interesting. Post-apocalyptic shelters, giant statues of political figures, and signs promoting populism all create a foundation for an interesting backstory. And if you’re hungering for more, each copy of the game will also come with a digital soundtrack and graphic novel art book, expanding on the game’s history.

You can check out the official announcement trailer below:

Golf Club Wasteland releases on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in August 2021.

[Source: Gematsu, IGN]