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Former Techland Devs Open Specialist Games Publisher Untold Tales

A number of former Techland (Dying Light) developers have branched out to form their own “specialist publisher,” Untold Tales. The all-new publishing house will specialize in “services related to game production and development, marketing and promotion, and business and investment” for games that tell great stories. Currently, the team consists of 10 staff members, all of whom previously worked at Techland.

On the Untold Tales website, a statement from the crew notes that that each member exited Techland at different stages to pursue other opportunities. However, their chief goal rested in a desire to “build up experience and know-how outside the AAA echo chamber,” according to Head of Marketing Pawel Skaba. “We simply want to cut the crap for both devs and players,” the company added in a press release.

There are already three projects the publisher is looking to release. Beautiful Desolation, which originally launched on PC via Steam and GOG earlier this year, counts among them. It’s an isometric adventure game that takes place in post-apocalyptic Africa. The Brotherhood, a group of well-regarded South African developers, is behind the title that will launch on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch at an unspecified time.

The Hong Kong Massacre, a top-down shooter from the Swedish studio VRESKI, is confirmed to release on the Nintendo Switch. Finally, Untold Tales Games has a “third unannounced PC and console title” that’s scheduled to receive a reveal at a later time.

Untold Tales’ website further touts its services with the following mission statement:

Untold Tales is an indie publishing label with a focus on games that have an interesting story to tell. We help dev teams successfully deliver their digital masterpieces to a wider audience across multiple platforms. While we don’t focus on any specific genre, our most trusted guiding light is games that offer remarkable joy and narrative.

Check out the publisher’s announcement reel in the video linked below:

[Source: Untold Tales Reveal via Gamasutra]