Brand New RPG Immortal Unchained Releasing This Year

Heads up, folks. There’s an intriguing new RPG coming our way and it’s called, Immortal: Unchained. Check out the first story details in the concept art trailer below:

Finally, a new RPG! If you’ll recall, Immortal: Unchained was announced last year. The game was described as a fresh take on the genre of ultra-hardcore action RPGs. Players will be able to “take the role of a living weapon, unleashed to stop the source of a cataclysmic event threatening to end all worlds.”

Today, publisher Sold Out and developer Toadman Interactive revealed the Immortal: Unchained release date. The RPG is going to launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 7, 2018 and will carry a $49.99 price tag.

So, what’s all this about being a weapon? Here’s the word:

“Being an ultimate weapon, you have been locked up for millennia by those who fear your potential. It will require many harsh lessons to unlock this potential in an unforgiving universe full of murderous foes. On your journey, expect no mercy and no assistance: Those that aren’t trying to kill you, will instead try to use you to further their own agenda. Trust no one.”

The devs have also shared some of the game’s key features (via Steam). Check it out:

  • Explore futuristic fantasy worlds, and sift through lies to unveil their secrets, in a story written by a narrative team including Anne Toole (The Witcher) and Adrian Vershinin (Killzone: Shadow FallBattlefield 1).

  • Tactical, up-close and personal action with a combination of ruthless gunplay and vicious melee combat.

  • Annihilate legendary bosses in godlike clashes that will be remembered for eternity.

  • Undying but unforgiving: Death is not the end, but the pain is very real as you struggle to redeem your mistakes.

  • Delve into the vast possibilities of builds and weapon choices to find your own playstyle and defeat your opposition your way.