GTA 5, Half-Life 2 City Maps Revealed in ‘Virtual Cities’

Here’s something you might appreciate, if you’ve spent hours, nay, days roaming around in an open-world game (I know a few people who have actually). There are so many video game maps we’d like to get our hands on, but we never could. Virtual Cities is a soon-to-be-released book by Konstantinos Dimopoulos, which covers maps from a whole bunch of well-known cities from video games. There’s an impressive assortment of urban environments and maps, ranging from Los Santos (GTA 5) to New Vegas (Fallout).

The book is not just crammed with a wide variety of cities (and every one of those with a big map), but it also features “beautiful, subtly colored ink drawings, and in-depth texts covering its history, design lessons, atmosphere, landmarks, and geography.”

This is the part where you can notice just how much effort is put into crafting complex video game environments and open worlds. This book also includes areas and maps from Valve’s Half-Life 2. Yes, that means there is in fact a detailed map of the game’s iconic City 17. In addition, you’ll find a map from the video game series, Yakuza.

That’s not all. Other cities (and whole towns even) can be seen in the book, including:

  • Silent Hill from the classic Silent Hill
  • Antescher from the classic Ant Attack
  • Lizard Breath from It Came From The Desert
  • A cyberpunk-style Hong Kong, most likely from Deus Ex or Shadowrun.

[Source: Kotaku UK]