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Work Done on Fortnite Benefits Other Games Including PUBG, Says Epic’s Tim Sweeney

Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney has said that games in the same genre aren’t necessarily “cut-throat” competitors in that any progress that’s made by one studio can benefit the others. Sweeney was referring to his studio’s hit title, Fortnite, which is often seen as a threat to other battle royale games, mainly, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

“You buy one brand of vacuum cleaner, you’re not going to buy another one, because you only need one,” Sweeney explained to MCV. “But with games, if they’re two great games, people will play both.”

Sweeney then pointed out that he often sees gamers, especially streamers, switch back and forth between similar games, especially Fortnite and PUBG.

“I don’t feel like products in the same genre are cut-throat competitors at all, I think they’re very complimentary and the work that we’ve done on Fortnite has benefitted PUBG and a huge array of other games,” he continued. “Namely the optimization that got us to 60fps on all console platforms, making the game work on mobile, all the streaming improvements and everything else required to support a game of this scale, it’s benefiting everyone.”

Many other high profile studios are already incorporating Battle Royale modes into their games, one of them being Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 studio Treyarch.

[Source: MCV]