Report: Shadows Die Twice Details Leak, Detailing Latest From Software Game

During the 2017 Game Awards, From Software released a teaser clip for to its newest project, known only as Shadows Die Twice at the time. Since then, fans have been trying to decipher anything they can about the upcoming title, but it seems like recent leaks ahead of E3 2018 might have detailed some of what we can expect.

According to a post on 4chan’s /v/ board (via Game Rant), the Shadows Die Twice project will be somewhat similar to Dark Souls in terms of gameplay and atmosphere but will be different from the clear-cut “level/Boss design” of the Souls games. According to the post, the game will also be “a lot more open” and will feature a “more directly told story,” whatever that might mean.

The post goes on to say that gameplay will be similar to Bloodborne, but will be “more vicious and brutal” and will feature “skills” that include various melee moves, passive abilities, and magic, but won’t feature “big flashy Diablo-style attacks.” Allegedly, trick weapons will supposedly be included in the game, with some weapons having upwards of 3 variations on them. The game also won’t feature any “side arms or shields”, apparently, but will allow players to use blocking and countering with their own, with each said to have a “unique counter ability”

As far as the story goes, the leak alleges that the game will focus on “an ancient cult, that has been using farmers for their dark rituals since hundreds of years.” Apparently, this cult is worried about the end of the world and has been sacrificing people while also experimenting on them, resulting in tons of creatures to fight. The main character in the game will apparently start out as a “heavily maimed and disfigured person” who is then saved by someone “who gives you a new face.” Most notably, the figure who saves the protagonist also replaces their arm, giving them a “multi-functional device” that operates as a prosthetic for the game, but also has other uses like acting as a grappling gun.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a From Software title if it didn’t include PvP elements, and this one will apparently include them as well, with players being able to “enter the world of another player and take control of a monster” in order to fight. There will also reportedly be a dynamic weather and day/night system in place, with the weather bringing out different types of creatures.

Of course, it’s important to take this information with a grain of salt, but with E3 2018 right around the corner, we hopefully won’t have to wait too long to see if these rumors are true or not. In the meantime, let us know what you’d like to see from Shadows Die Twice.

[Source: Game Rant]