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Rumor: Bloodborne 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel to be Announced at E3 2018

According to rumors bubbling up as we rapidly approach E3 2018, both Bloodborne 2 and a sequel to the wildly-successful Horizon: Zero Dawn are in contention to make a splash on the Sony side of things in just under a week’s time.

While there have recently been reports around Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s sequel with developers Guerilla looking to hire more staffBloodborne 2 has been nothing short of wish-fulfilment for some time now, especially as From Software looked to be done with the genre post-Dark Souls 3.

Rampant speculation, however, is abound (according to Polygon) that sequels to Bloodborne and Horizon: Zero Dawn are in the works and ready to be unveiled at E3 2018, but this may be unlikely due to Sony’s previously spoken-of desire to showcase games that have already been confirmed.

Still, Sony love a good shock at E3. Who can forget God of War and its triumphant return or, yes, that giant enemy crab? While all signs may point to E3 2018 lacking a big-name announcement that will make hairs on the back of the neck stand up and game journalists holler and whoop like, well, game journalists, it appears that Sony haven’t come down with a bad case of sequel-itis just yet. Besides, The Last of Us 2 is bound to do all the heavy lifting in that department. Unleashing a stock of second comings this close together would only serve to diminish each potential announcement’s impact.

Except, you read that title and your heart beat a little faster, didn’t it? It’s exciting stuff, to be sure – and we’ve only got a week’s wait to find out what’s true and what’s false. Here’s hoping the gaming gods smile brightly on us in LA.

[Source: Polygon]