Get Eight Free Fortnite PSN Avatars on the PlayStation Store Right Now

Want to embrace that obsession with battle royale that you have? Is purple just your color? Maybe you’re really into loot llamas and pink teddy bear costumes? Whatever your foible, there’s a set of free Fortnite PSN avatars available right now so that you can get an instant Victory Royale on your profile. Save the World players are welcome to partake in the fun too, on the off chance you’re not a huge fan of the PvP side of the game.

There are eight avatars available for free, including Cuddle Team Leader, Tomatohead, and the main cast that graces the cover art for the game. Check out the full list and click the link to go directly to the PlayStation store page:

Personally I’ll never give up my tenth-anniversary avatar for having a PSN account since the beginning, but these free Fortnite PSN avatars are a great way to rep a game you love. And for the low cost of nothing, who can say no? Might as well redeem them now so that you can switch to an avatar of a guy with a tomato for a face later if you get a sudden urge.

The latest Fortnite update is out now and it makes some pretty big changes to both the Battle Royale and Save the World sides of the game.  Check out all of the Fortnite update 4.3 patch notes for Battle Royale and Save the World to see what’s new, including Epic adding shopping carts to the game as vehicles.

Will you be changing your avatar to one of these free Fortnite PSN avatars? Are you a loot llama or Tomatohead kind of person? Or do you not actually want to admit your obsession with Fortnite, which is why you play only while appearing offline? Let us know in the comments below.