Destiny 2 Changing How it Does Expansions With a Pseudo-Subscription Annual Pass

Today’s Destiny 2: Forsaken reveal brought a whole lot more than just information on Destiny 2’s September content expansion. Bungie detailed numerous changes that are coming to make Destiny 2 a wildly different game than it has been since launch. Just about every change they are making comes from community feedback and finding the best solutions to those issues that are a good balance for everyone.

To make sure that more players can access new content and chase power in the game, Bungie is introducing the Destiny 2 Annual Pass in the second year of the game’s life. Instead of the individual expansions, the Annual Pass grants full access to every content drop coming through September 2019. More information will be coming later this week regarding the season pass and what the next year of Destiny 2 holds.

It looks like the Annual Pass is essentially a subscription that grants players access to a full year’s worth of content in a one-time payment. The Destiny 2 Annual Pass will cover three content drops up until summer 2019.

  • Black Armory (Winter 2018)
  • Joker’s Wild (Spring 2019)
  • Penumbra (Summer 2019)

The reveal live stream showed that each of these premium content drops will reinvent the way they sustain the hobby. Here are the bullet points that Bungie outlined for each of these releases.

  • New endgame challenges
  • New weapons, armor, and vanity rewards
  • New and returning exotics
  • New pinnacle activities
  • New triumph records to collect
  • New lore to discover

Before we get to the content coming with the Forsaken Annual Pass however, Destiny 2: Forsaken will be launching September 4 bringing a ton of new content and changes to the game based on nearly a year’s worth of customer feedback. Bungie will be spending the summer revealing additional information about future updates, with the next big event being E3 next week. We’ll be bringing you our own hands-on coverage with Gambit, the new PvP/PvE hybrid mode, straight from the show floor.

Are you excited to see Bungie switching to a different and more comprehensive model for their content releases instead of piecing out each content expansion? We’ll let you know on Thursday what additional things Bungie reveals about the Destiny 2 Annual Pass.