Alien Isolation Rumor: Site in Maintenance – Is Something Happening?

Here’s an interesting Alien Isolation rumor I wasn’t expecting to run into today. Frankly, it seemed like the doors were shut on Alien Isolation ever getting a sequel. Creative Assembly reportedly moved on to a new project, and Fox’s new game development company confirmed it was working on a totally new Alien game. Yet, here’s this. Creative Assembly’s website for Alien Isolation went down for maintenance, and we’re on the cusp of E3 2018 and a boatload of new, surprising, and leaked video game announcements. Could this be routine maintenance, or is something knew being prepared in the website’s back end?

Alien Isolation was a somewhat divisive game, doing somewhat well in terms of sales, but not lighting the world on fire. Critics generally seemed split on it as well, but some folks out there really loved it. Regardless, it was a far cry from the Aliens: Colonial Marines disaster and made many a fan of the series recapture the hope of Alien adaptations being good again.

Whatever anyone is saying about this, definitely keep that bucket of rumor salt handy. For all we know, there was a bug in the site that needed fixing, or something equally banal. The timing sure it convenient for rumors and speculation, as we are right in the eye of the E3 2018 storm. And many fans are hungrier than ever for a new Alien game after being so pleased with Isolation.

[Source: Alien Isolation Official Site]