Detroit Crosses a Milestone in Two Weeks

Not wanting to be forgotten in all the E3 2018 hoopla going on, Quantic Dream has announced that Detroit: Become Human sales have hit the 1 million games mark it just 2 weeks, smashing their previous best Heavy Rain, which took a whole 5 weeks to hit.

This is a very impressive number, especially considering that these games seem to be slow out of the gate and Quantic Dream had allegations brought up about work place misconduct, but none of that seems to have been enough to slow down these androids from rising up.

We had the following to say about Detroit: Become Human in our review:

Some games allow us to escape reality, and some force us to take a long hard look at it. Detroit: Become Human is one of those games that straddles the border between entertainment and reality. The themes it covers are very real, and it allows us to get a unique perspective on societal problems we may have never given much thought to before. No matter who you are, no matter your race, gender, political affiliation, age, or economic standing, you can find something in Detroit that will resonate with you. Detroit was never an easy game to play. Many of the choices were hard ones to make, and there’s no real right answer. It’s a game that cautions us not to repeat mistakes of the past. My choices shaped the story and personalized it, allowing me to see those decisions play out in myriad unique ways, plot holes, clumsy controls, and all. Even as human as we are, we are always becoming human, and no matter which path you take, Detroit is our story.

[Source: Resetera]