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E3 2018: tinyBuild Had Their Own E3 Press Conference as a Musical

The small developer/indie publisher tinyBuild didn’t want to miss out on the E3 action. If Devolver can hold their own press conference, why can’t they? Of course, tinyBuild being tinyBuild, they couldn’t have it be a normal affair. This is the dev behind Party Hard and Hello Neighbor, after all.

It’s a musical. A glorious and hilarious eight-minute long musical. Watch it above and prepare for the greatest game ever.

Of course, tinyBuild did have their own announcement mixed in the hilarity. Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer adventure that takes place in the middle of Hello Neighbor. Right now it’s set just for PC, but considering Hello Neighbor is dropping on PS4 this summer, it probably won’t be long before Secret Neighbor follows suit.

So do you have one or both of those songs stuck in your head? I certainly do. Thank God they’re funny.