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Turtle Beach Announce New Recon 200 and Stealth 300 Headsets

E3 2018 got you hankering for a brand-new headset to keep you covered for when the wave of oncoming releases inevitably hits? Turtle Beach has got you covered. Introducing the new Recon 200 and Stealth 300 headsets, the brand-new headsets on the block.

Retailing at $59.95 and $79.95 respectively, the Recon 200 and Stealth 300 Turtle Beach headsets are designed to keep gamers afloat in a market flooded by battle royale releases, where that all-important audio quality can be the difference between a Victory Royale and taking an embarrassing L. We’ve all been there.

“We’ve seen unprecedented industry growth this year in the headset market, with Turtle Beach outpacing that industry growth by nearly 38% because we deliver the high-quality headsets gamers want and need to be successful in popular Battle Royale games like Fortnite and PUBG, as well as all genres,” says Juergen Stark, CEO of the Turtle Beach Corporation, about the pair of new Turtle Beach headsets on offer.

Coming this fall, the Recon 200 favors ease-of-use, with a 3.5mm jack as standard, as well as a none-too-inconsiderable 12 hour battery life upon full charge. Perfect for everything from long sessions to short, sharp bursts of pickup gaming sessions with friends.

For the bespectacled among us, the Stealth 300 comes with Turtle Beach’s patented ProSpecs design to ensure comfort for glasses-wearers. The Stealth 300 comes with a 40-hour battery life, hence the slightly higher price point.

So, there you have it: Two headsets that don’t break the bank, yet are suited for all but the most ridiculous marathon gaming session.