war thunder update

New War Thunder Update Adds New Tanks, Planes, and a New Map

Today, Gaijin Entertainment has detailed the upcoming War Thunder update. The free content patch will add in a ton of modern-era tanks, giving players the chance to jump into tanks that were available to the military in the early 90s. Vehicles like Japan’s Type 90 Kyū-maru, the French AMX-40, and the Soviet Union’s T-62M-1. A lot of these tanks should give players some added ways to fight better on the battlefield, especially thanks to their more modern design and weaponry.

Alongside the inclusion of new tanks, the 1.79 update to War Thunder will also include a variety of new aircraft, a brand new map that’s made especially for aerial battles, and a complete rework of the game’s sound effects for all aircraft. For a more detailed rundown of what’s coming in the new update, check out below courtesy of Gaijin Entertainment:

1.79 update also expands the selection of modern era vehicles available in War Thunder to the early 90s. The most modern tanks in the game now are Japan’s Type 90 Kyū-maru and late modification of the German Leopard 2A4. France takes delivery of the  AMX-40, and the Soviet Union adds the T-62M-1. Britain now fields a modernized version of the Centurion AVRE engineering tank, while the US sees the two competing XM-1 prototypes from Chrysler and General Motors, one of which would later evolve into the famous M1 Abrams that is already available in War Thunder.

In the hangar players can now utilize “Protection Analysis”. This function allows players to choose a tank and check the vulnerability of any part of it. For the attacking side players can set a model of a tank, a type of shell, distance and direction of a hit. A complicated algorithm will show the chance of a ricochet, penetration and which modules of the attacked tank will be damaged by the hit.

War Thunder is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.