Sony’s E3 Conference a Response to “Shallow” Conferences of the Past

From the start of the PlayStation E3 2018 briefing, it was clear that the company was going to have a pretty nontraditional conference. From the intermission that took place after the first reveal to various musical arrangements, the briefing as a whole was pretty different, to say the least.

Despite the company trying to do something new, fans watching the show weren’t too pleased, with many expressing disappointment in how things were structured. In response, Sony Worldwide Studios’ Michael Denny has said (via that the company was just trying to do something different in an effort to “push some boundaries.” “At PlayStation, we do like to do things different, push some boundaries here and there,” he said. “This time, we did want it to have a focus on the big four exclusive titles and go in-depth more on those games.

Speaking on the past conference that Sony has put on, Denny described them as “a bit shallow” in the fact that they just go from game to game. “And we were trying to give it more of a community with the themed element, particularly with The Last of Us 2 and then following into the themed areas,” he said. “It was a different approach. It was about letting the games speak for themselves.”

Part of the criticism from the conference came from the perceived lack of just how in-depth Sony went. After promising a “deep dive” into four titles, what audiences got was instead just extended cinematic gameplay footage of certain games. Denny acknowledged that but stated that it was generally easy to work out what was happening in the games without needing an explanation. “Yeah, I understand that but most of the games we showed and went in-depth to, it was fairly okay to work out what was going on in those games,”

Now that the briefing is all said and done, let us know below what you thought of it? Did you appreciate the changeup, or are you ready to go back to how Sony used to do it?