Rainbow Six Siege 2.1 Update Patch Notes and Release Date Revealed

Rainbow Six Siege is still plugging away nicely. The competitive squad shooter has recently reached 30 million players and, with season 8’s Pro League just about to kick into gear, the game shows no signs of slowing down. Case in point: the Rainbow Six Siege 2.1 update fixes some niggling problems to the game, as well as buffing out some other issues. Here’s the full list of patch notes, and when you can expect to see it on PS4.

Coming your way on Tuesday, June 26, the Rainbow Six Siege 2.1 update addresses some big Operator glitches, as well as a few, ahem, sticky grenade problems.


  • Fixed – Players can access 3rd person perspective following certain steps.
  • Fixed – The counter defuser doesn’t appear in the Operator’s hands in the end of round replay.
  • Fixed – The red light in the Bulletproof Camera remains on after picking up the camera during the EMP pause effect.
  • Fixed – In some instances, the reload animation and the bullet count are out of sync.
  • Fixed – In some cases, grenades can kill the player throwing them.



  • Fixed – Most charms are clipping through Alibi’s MX4 Storm.
  • Fixed – The Mountain Foliage headgear and uniform have an incorrect thumbnail.


  • Fixed – Bandit Keychain charm appears as low quality.


  • Fixed – Yokai’s Sonic Burst doesn’t always inflict deafen effect.


  • Fixed – Maestro gets stuck and cannot shoot anymore after pressing his gadget button if both Evil Eyes are destroyed.
  • Fixed – Maestro’s Evil Eye can still ping enemies while disrupted by a Twitch drone.
  • Fixed – In some instances, the Evil Eye will deal no damage to gadgets nor Operators.
  • Fixed – Maestro can put his turrets in Equipped state while he is in prone mode.
  • Fixed – When the Evil Eye overheats, the bulletproof glass won’t open if the players keeps right mouse button pressed.
  • Fixed – Maestro doesn’t receive bonus points for assists with the Turret in PVE.
  • Fixed – Evil Eye does not break assets on deployment.


  • Fixed – Tachanka’s skin is red when equipping the Para Bellum Headgear.


  • Fixed – Thatcher’s portrait is misaligned in his Elite Uniform card during the Preparation Phase.



  • Fixed – The bullet proof camera becomes unbreakable when placed in certain spots.
  • Fixed – It is possible to climb up on the other side of the fence.
  • Fixed – Fixed multiple issues when rappelling at EXT Graffiti Area.


  • Fixed – Para Bellum is misspelled on the Seasonal Weapon Skins banner.
  • Fixed – Adding ban or 6th pick to a playlist avoids the operator selection screen to correctly appear.
  • Fixed – Players can see the message “the Attempt to connect to Server failed” during matchmaking.
  • Fixed – Banned operators from a custom game remain temporarily unplayable in PVP/PVE matches
  • Fixed – “Play 0x14839b2b18” appears in Discovery Playlist for Villa.
  • Fixed – The diamond pattern of the Carnevale skin appears broken on the lower section of the stock.
  • Fixed – “Full Screen” display mode can’t be set during banning phase.

Hilarious Para Bellum spelling aside, Ubisoft look to have tweaked everything that needs to be sorted to ensure this is one under-the-radar shooter that has some of multiplayer’s biggest names firmly in its sights. Happy with that, everyone?

[Source: Rainbow6.ubisoft.com]