Remedy’s Control Happy to Embrace the Weirdness, Says Sam Lake

If there’s one development team that knows weird, it’s Remedy Entertainment. Max Payne was a trip, to be sure, but the likes of Alan Wake and Quantum Break upped the ante when it came to surreal set-pieces and even stranger situations. Remedy’s Control might just top the lot, if creative director Sam Lake has his way, and that’s very exciting indeed.

Speaking to GameSpot, Sam Lake reveals that Remedy’s Control will move away from what he feels was the “big blockbuster” aesthetic of Quantum Break towards something more unconventional: “[F]or [Control] we just said: ‘You know what, let’s just go with what excites us. Really, even if it’s just really out there and weird, let’s embrace it and go with it.’ We love pop culture, we love many different things, but so do gamers out there. Let’s just trust that if we go on this journey that they’ll come along.”

Come along they almost certainly will. Gamers have been drawn to Remedy’s unique approach to storytelling and world-crafting for close to two decades now and, for Lake, that excitement has spread to the team in control of proceedings, as it were, stating “That excitement is contagious. So we didn’t want to be boxed in in any way; we just wanted to go out there and go crazy, in some ways.”

So, you’d better start preparing yourself. Remedy’s Control may be unlike anything you’ve seen before or since. Whisper it, but it could give Death Stranding a run for its money. Now, wouldn’t that be crazy?

[Source: GameSpot]