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remedy control characters

Secret Casting Announcement Made in Control’s New Dev Diary

You’ll never guess who.

control telekinetic powers

Control Game Director Talks About Its Telekinetic Powers and Attempt to Avoid Busywork

Don’t expect busy work or fetch quests in Control.

remedy control characters

Remedy Explains Why Max Payne Voice Actor is a ‘Natural Fit’ for His Role in Control

A hard-boiled, cynical guy? Yeah, he fits right in.

control boss battle

Get a Look at One of the Control Boss Battles

See Jesse Faden’s telekinetic power in action.

control nycc 2018 panel

Remedy to Reveal More About Control During NYCC 2018 Panel

The panel will be held on October 5, 2018.

Control Main Character

Control’s Jesse Faden is Powerful, But She Had A Hard Life

I wonder what would happen if Jesse and Max Payne met…

new remedy team

Remedy Creating New Multiplayer-Focused Team

This won’t affect single-player titles, however.

Control Physics Engine

Remedy’s Control Utilizing Secret Physics Engine

It’s been a while since I threw a couple of forklifts.

control game narrative

Remedy: Control Pushes the Envelope on Narrative Design

Instead of following trends, Remedy aims to embark on its own path.

control gameplay demo

Remedy Shows Off Control’s Body Throwing Mechanic

Remedy’s openness continues to impress.

control game setting

Control’s Mysterious Setting Investigated in Developer Diary

There is “adventure around every corner.”

Control Game

Remedy Says Control Won’t Run at 60 FPS

60fps is kind of necessary in a game like this, right?

Control Developer Diary

Control Story-Driven Gameplay Discussed in Remedy’s New Dev Diary

Control seems awesome so far.

Remedy Learns Hard Lessons, And is Ready to ‘Control’ Its Own Destiny

They are in control of Control, and are controlling their own destiny too.

control dev diary

Control Dev Diary Introduces Story Concepts

It’s time to get (new) weird.

remedy control

Remedy’s Control Happy to Embrace the Weirdness, Says Sam Lake

Where is my mind?

new alan wake

Remedy Wants to Develop New Alan Wake After Control

Heeeeere’s Alan?

Control Preview

E3 2018 Preview: Control Dives into the Depths of the New Weird

Making the mundane mysterious and terrifying.

Control E3 2018 Gameplay Trailer shows new details

E3 2018: Remedy’s ‘Control’ is About the Supernatural And Object Manipulation

Fire up the Service Weapon and start kicking some ass.


Remedy’s Control Will Have ‘Metroidvania’ Game World

You like Castlevania, don’t you?