A Chart Tracks Gameplay Mechanics Across Assassin’s Creed Series

For years, Assassin’s Creed marketing positioned the franchise as a top-tier stealth series. However, one issue always pervaded the conversation–Why was there no crouch button? Finally, Assassin’s Creed Unity introduces the series to the long-awaited game mechanic. A dedicated crouch function has been present since then. There are several other features that have come and gone in a similar fashion. Yet not all are as easy to track. Luckily, a fan-made chart maps out the differences between each of the mainline entries in the series on gameplay level.

Reddit user Big_Diesel_Gaming shared the below image of a chart they crafted.

Assassins Creed gameplay

It’s interesting to note when some features dip in and out of the franchise. For instance, horses aren’t present in Revelations, Black Flag, Rogue, Unity, or Syndicate. With regards to Revelations, this observation is particularly intriguing because horses do appear in the game. However, they are only available in carriage driving missions and Altaïr memories. Players cannot actually ride them, though. Perhaps this decision was made with the world’s design in mind. In comparison to its predecessor, Brotherhood, Revelations lacks the wide open areas conducive to horse riding.

The use of “social stealth,” whereby the assassin blends in with a crowd of NPCs, also warrants attention. According to the chart, this feature is only absent in Origins and the forthcoming Odyssey. It’s surprising, but could speak to these two entries exploring the franchise’s larger narrative before what we know as the Assassin’s Order was founded. This notion especially rings true when considering that hidden blades won’t play a part in Odyssey. With the Order nonexistent during the game’s 431 BCE setting, the famous assassin weapons of choice have no place. The same can be said for the missing Assassins vs. Templars conflict in Odyssey.

Fans will see how the next evolution of the series fares when Assassin’s Creed Odyssey launches on October 5.

[Source via Kotaku]