Blacksad: Under the Skin Images Revealed

Announced back in 2017, Publisher Microids and developers Pendulo Studios and YS Interactive have released a few Blacksad: Under the Skin images for our perusal. This game is based on an Eisner Award-winning comic series created by Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido, with Spanish and French origins (it has been published in English by Dark Horse). The video game adaptation is an adventure game, and is aiming for a 2019 launch for several platforms, including PlayStation 4.

Here’s the overall pitch for the game, from a press release:

In 1950s New York, Joe Dunn, the owner of a humble boxing club is found hanged. At the same time, Robert Yale, his protégé and greatest hope, is reported missing. Although overwhelmed by these terrible events, Joe Dunn’s daughter, Sonia, decides to continue working towards her father’s dreams: she takes over the boxing club and calls on John Blacksad to investigate this mysterious disappearance. It’s the eve of the fight of the year and the club, which is in serious financial difficulties, will not survive Robert’s withdrawal. The investigation will lead John Blacksad to the very heart of a world in which corruption reigns supreme.

As part of this novelesqueexclusive adventure, players will play the private detective John Blacksad, a cynical, seductive and nonchalant anthropomorphic cat. “We want the player to discover all sides of John Blacksad’s complex personality and choose the one he wants to be.” Declares Josue Monchan – Game Designer at Pendulo Studios.