Konami Hiring to Expand Their Games Division

June 28, 2018Written by Uros Pavlovic

Konami New Games Division

Konami has had a hard time recovering after all the bad decisions and business moves they have made in the past. They are still considered one of the worst companies in the gaming industry. Things particularly escalated when Konami entered into a huge conflict with Hideo Kojima over Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Eventually, Kojima was forced to leave and form his own studio so he could work on Death Stranding. There was also the recent PES situation. Those are just tiny segments from the company’s generally turbulent history.

It’s going to take a lot of work for Konami to gain back the trust of the gaming community. Let’s hope that they are working towards this goal. In fact, some company changes might come sooner than you think. Today, Konami released a press release that they are hiring new execs and are also forming a new Production Division as part of their game development division. Here’s the scoop via a recent tweet:

Word is that under Chief Operating Officer Hideki Hayakawa, Production Division 1 Director Sadaaki Kaneyoshi are going to work mobile games, console and PC; production Division 2 Director Shoji Dewa is set to handle card games. Other names were mentioned like Yoshihiko Ota, who will step in as Corporate Officer and Masato Kubota as Human Resource Department General Manager.

These are not names that are known among gamers. Still, the good news is that the company being formed — Production Division 3 — is going to work within the company’s “digital entertainment business.” It was also noted that the division has been established to “respond to the rapid market changes that surround Konami, and to achieve further growth of our digital entertainment business.”

So, does this mean a brand new Castlevania game? Well, okay that was a long shot. At this point nobody knows what this means. Hopefully, this could be Konami’s chance to get back on track and start gaining everyone’s trust.

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