Todd Howard: Elder Scrolls VI Location Settled

One of the defining elements of Elder Scrolls games, at least since the third one, has been the game’s location. The world of the Elder Scrolls is enormous, and the locations are so important they’re in place as each game’s subtitle. In speaking with Bethesda’s Todd Howard, Eurogamer was able to confirm that The Elder Scrolls VI‘s location has been settled on, and with that a small bit of insight into the team’s process.

Howard not only confirmed that the Elder Scrolls VI location is locked in, he said that it was settled on “a while ago.” In fact, he said, “the first thing we do is the world so we’ve known for a long time where it’s set.” These games are built around the setting, so it makes sense that it comes first. And to that end, that means the brief E3 trailer may contain some hints.

Howard confirmed as much, more or less. He spoke to it being deliberately vague to a degree, but there are obvious things you can rule out, and things you can “rule in” as well. Sure enough, plenty of fans have stacked up their Elder Scrolls lore knowledge up against the trailer, and there are some theories floating around. Eurogamer asked if it was Hammerfall, but of course that’s a question we won’t get an answer to for a while.

[Source: Eurogamer]