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E3 2018: Death Stranding Trailer Mixes Gameplay With Weird Cutscenes

Yep, after such a long wait we finally get to see the next title from video game legend, Hideo Kojima. The Death Stranding E3 2018 trailer just hit the showfloor and there are few words that can describe this.

Hideo Kojima’s, the creator of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, has devoted all of his attention to the PS4-exclusive Death Stranding. While details about the game are still very much scarce, the project is one of the most highly anticipated games out there.

We were finally treated to actual gameplay. The E3 footage has shown lots of outdoor areas, vast open spaces and many different characters making their way across poorly inhabited lands. The goal of the main character is not yet clear, but he appears to be saving other folks who were trapped by unknown creatures.

That’s about all we’ve seen at the E3 showcase. We still don’t know when the game will release, but we definitely cannot wait to see more from Death Stranding, so stay tuned.