Modern Military FPS Warface Coming to PS4, Early Access Starts in August

Earlier today, publisher announced that its modern military shooter Warface will be making its way to consoles later this year, and will be playable for free. After initially being outed earlier this year thanks to the Taiwanese rating board, the game is now officially planned on releasing, with a new trailer (above) releasing earlier this morning.

According to, early access to Warface will be available on PlayStation 4 sometime in August, with Xbox getting the early access in September. Though no other release information on the game has been released, has already promised that it has extensive plans for completely free updates to occur after release. In Warface, players can take part in various cooperative and narrative-driven raid missions, but also go online and battle it out with friends. So far, various competitive game modes available in Warface have been detailed, including:

Plant the Bomb:

Teamwork is the key to detonation in this mode. One team tries to plant the bomb in the enemy base, whilst the other team tries to defuse it or wipe out the attacking forces.Both teams alternate between sides, whilst only one will achieve planting perfection.

Battle Royale:

The PvP mode reflects the very essence of Warface. It is a fast-paced and very dynamic experience from the first-person perspective. Armed with melee from the very start, players quickly go through a looting phase, diving straight into battle. There are over 70 different weapon models available in the mode with each action packed game lasting between five and seven minutes.


In this mode, one team is put on the offensive and aims to capture three strategic points in succession. The other team must stand and defend their ground, while the teams switch sides when the timer runs out. On average these games last longer and will appeal to players preferring strategy.


In this mode, teams achieve victory if they deliver three air strikes on the enemy positions. To call in an airstrike, a team needs to control a key location on the map. If no team members enter the strategic control zone in the first two minutes of the match, the game ends in a defeat for both teams immediately.

Warface is currently planned to launch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime later this year.