The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack Coming to Consoles Next Month

Electronic Arts has announced that console players will be able to add a furry companion to their family in The Sims 4 when its Cats and Dogs expansion pack launches on July 31.

The content will also include a Create-A-Pet tool, and a new world – the coastal shores of Brindleton Bay – where you can partake in outdoor activities with your pets.

Check out a trailer above and a description of Create-A-Pet below.

Create-A-Pet is a tool that gives you tons of customization options to create your dream pet. You can search for a seemingly-endless amount of cat and dog breeds or mix any two breeds to create the perfect mutt. If those tools aren’t enough to get a hair-raising result, try the painting feature! Whether you’re adding a few spots, a bright color to the nose, or using stencils to create more complicated patterns, customizing your pets is fun and simple. Plus, drumroll please…we have costumes for cats and dogs! What’s that you say? You want your pup to go swimming while dressed as a shark? Your wish is our command, along with so many more adorable scenarios!

The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs is available for pre-order via the PlayStation Store, and costs $39.99.