Dark Souls Lore King VaatiVidya Breaks Down Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Story

FromSoftware often go big or go home when it comes to their hidden lore and, when you need to tease out the best bits of them, VaatiVidya is your man. Not stopping at the Souls franchise, however, he’s turned his gaze towards the developmental studio’s next game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and has uncovered interesting fragments of the story which have been left unsaid thus far.

Far be it from me to blithely recap everything point-by-point (you should definitely watch it above for the full experience), we’re treated to a neat rundown of both the game’s protagonist, The Shinobi, as well as his kidnapped ward, The Prince. From there, VaatiVidya lays out the pieces that should form at least part of the game’s plot, as players step into the well-worn, bloody shoes of the Shinobi. The Commander, who kidnapped The Prince, looks to be your main target.

From there, references to real-life feudal Japan are plentiful, as well as how they might all ties into the story. It’s a fantastic video, and one you’re going to (probably) need to watch before Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice comes our way in 2019.

That all plays into the fact that we know we’re not getting an online component in-game. This is one man’s journey; one of isolation and forging out his own path after suffering through great loss.