FromSoftware New PS5 IP

Rumor: FromSoftware Developing New PS5-Exclusive ‘Souls-Like’ IP, Will Not be Bloodborne or Demon’s Souls

Rumors began circling last week that FromSoftware is developing a brand new IP exclusively for PlayStation 5. If the latest rumor is to be believed, it will be another “Souls-like” title. However, as reported by The Game Post, renowned leaker Nick Baker speculated the game will not be related to Bloodborne or Demon’s Souls.

The potential existence of a new PS5-exclusive title from FromSoftware was revealed last week during Dealer Gaming’s Real Deal Xbox podcast. This rumor was later corroborated by Baker who went into further detail on his own XboxEra podcast. He stated “it’s believed I think the PS5 exclusive is more Souls-like than it is Elden Ring/Sekiro.” Bearing in mind the Dark Souls franchise has managed to shift 27 million units between the multiple games, this decision is not much of a surprise—though it’s unclear what exact factors make this unannounced title closer to one or the other.

The game apparently came about through a deal similar to that for Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls. Sony will own the IP, but the game will be made by FromSoftware and Sony XDev Japan. Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki is involved with the game’s development but “it’s not Bloodborne, it’s not Demon’s Souls, it’s an entirely new IP and apparently has no connection to the former two games.” Those hoping for a sequel to Bloodborne will be disappointed. (Though to be fair, exploring new IP is how we got Bloodborne in the first place.)

Of course, FromSoftware will also continue development on the much-anticipated Elden Ring, which is an evolution of Dark Souls with new mechanics and systems. Players can fight or choose a path of understanding instead. The game has drawn inspiration from George R.R. Martin’s world building and will let players use the environment, time of day, and even the weather to their advantage. Elden Ring is due to be released in January.

While Elden Ring development continues, a new Armored Core game has not been so lucky. Work on this title was “either put on hold or has been having rough development” because the game was “lacking in focus/direction.” It’s believed work on Armored Core has been halted so the studio can prioritize Elden Ring and the new PS5 IP. However, Baker does say the information on this title “is a bit old” so take this with a pinch of salt.

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