Dark Souls Franchise Reaches Multiple Sales Milestones, 27 Million Units Sold Total

Developer FromSoftware is still busy prepping its mysterious and much-anticipated collab with George R.R. Martin, Elden Ring, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t know when to celebrate good news. Publisher Bandai-Namco announced early today that the action-horror franchise Dark Souls hit multiple sales milestones as of this month. This includes a whopping 27 million total units across the entire franchise and a decade of players totally not dying on accident because they didn’t know that chest was a mimic. The most recent and final entry in the series, Dark Souls III, was also revealed as hitting a big milestone of 10 million units sold worldwide since the game’s release in 2016. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stop thinking about how many player deaths make up 27 million units sold. Mostly because I’m terrible at math and big numbers hurt my brain.

While the release is mostly just corporate-speak and press release verbiage, Bandai-Namco does say “The timed worldwide release of Dark Souls III, along with its support of 13 languages, brought players from around the world together to enjoy the game. Even after 4 years since its release, Dark Souls III is active and strong due to the support of the many player communities established for

the game, thus leading to the sales of over 10 million units and counting. The Dark Souls series has cumulatively surpassed 27 million in sales, and has proven its deep-rooted popularity as an IP with the sales of various themed merchandise and goods, from action figures to apparel, and more.”

It’s an incredible moment for a studio and game genre that, when making its United States debut in 2009 was called too obtuse, too Japanese to ever be successful in the west. For now, we’ll all be waiting patiently for Elden Ring, as Bandai-Namco does make reference to the upcoming game in its release, saying that the game is, indeed, under development. Wow. Such a riveting update. What happens first: Martin finishes The Winds of Winter or Elden Ring gets a release date?