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The Composer of Sekiro, Dark Souls III Returns for Elden Ring

While information on FromSoftware’s mysterious collab with George R. R. Martin remains a mystery, there’s one thing we know for sure: The lead musical composer of Sekiro, Dark Souls III, and more is also bringing her auditory magic to Elden Ring. Confirmed on Twitter by Yuka Kitamura herself when asked by a fan about her involvement with the mysterious Elden Ring project, Kitamura’s fingerprints lay all across From Software’s body of work. From playing some sinister sounds on the spell-bounding Bloodborne soundtrack to a Dark Souls III score that paid homage to one of the best trilogies in gaming, Kitamura and her work would be noticeably absent if not included in From’s next big work.

The composer’s earliest work includes the Armored Core franchise, though most will recognize her score from the hauntingly beautiful Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Still and precise, Yuka’s score for the 2019 award-winning action, stealth game feels different than any of her previous work for From Soft. This makes perfect sense as, in many regards, Sekiro is as big a deviation from the core From formula as 2015’s Bloodborne, a game that celebrated its fifth anniversary this week.

Alas, the news of Kitamura handling composition is some of the only actual, substantial news about Elden Ring since the game’s announcement 25 years ago in 2019. There are jokes aplenty here, including if Elden Ring even exists when the meme about Martin’s body of work is that he will never finish out the Game of Thrones books. Given the state of the world right now and the effect that is having on the gaming industry’s release schedule that June 2020 rumored release date for Elden Ring seems more and more like a far-fetched fantasy.

Bright side: If it is a fantasy then maybe Yuka Kitamura will still provide the soundtrack.

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