Fortnite Playground Mode Will Be Here Soon

Fornite finally gave us what we’ve been asking for since day one: Playground Mode LTM, a place for players to practice. Launching with update 4.5, Fortnite fans immediately took to YouTube to test out the game mode’s features in front of an audience. Everything seemed promising but, unfortunately, Match making issues forced Epic Games’ hand. The game mode had to be pulled almost immediately.

It’s been five days since Playground Mode LTM initially went live. Fortunately, the community has reacted well to this delay. It helps that Fortnite‘s other game features remain unaffected by the issues Playground Mode LTM is having. Additionally, most players didn’t even have a chance to experience the mode and if they did it wasn’t for long. This leaves little to be missed.

But most importantly Epic Games has been apologetic and updating fans every step of the way. Instead of waiting for fans or the media to hunt them down for answers, they’re quick to offer insight as to where they are in the process. Yesterday afternoon the Fortnite Game Twitter account gave us some updates:

While their phrasing technically means they could say nothing at all (if no additional information presents itself) it’s unlikely that they’ll leave us in silence. It’d just be bad marketing to essentially say, I’ll get back to you on Monday and say nothing. Here’s hoping we get an even more concrete timeline for when we can expect Playground Mode LTM.