Amazon Says Rereleases and Remasters Are No Longer Eligible for Prime Preorder Savings

For a long time, gamers have sung the praises of Amazon Prime, which offers a 20% discount on preordered video games. If you’re a gamer who loves their physical media, you know the importance of a sale. Amazon Prime is a favorite among many due to the convenience factor. Many people have Amazon Prime anyway, for the express two-day delivery, so ordering their games on that platform makes sense. And you can’t beat the convenience of having a game delivered right to your door. For gamers in less populated areas, that “convenience” saves them a 30+ minutes drive.

This savings option has become increasingly important now that Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked is dead. And it looks like GameStop may not be far behind (online retailers definitely aren’t helping that).

But as much as people love their discounts, the Amazon Prime deal is not without its asterisks. First of all, this Amazon Prime deal was originally 20% off of new releases period. Now it’s only for preorders and, based on this recent policy update, it seems like we just keep losing perks. Amazon just removed re-releases and remasters from discount eligibility.

Promotion details:

6.   Offer does not apply to certain video game products such as toys to life, collector’s editions, re-releases, re-masters, and product bundles including but not limited to console game bundles and accessory bundles.

So there goes that Resident Evil 2 remake discount.

My question is: at what point will they get rid of the discount entirely? I feel confident in saying that once GameStop goes under Amazon will remove its deal. And while discount programs and stores may be the first to go, physical media itself could easily be the next to leave.

What are your thoughts on this situation?

[Source: Amazon Promotion Details]