Waifus Take Charge of You in This New NSFW Bullet Girls Phantasia Trailer

The latest Bullet Girls Phantasia trailer shows off gameplay that puts you in a rather passive position. Developed by Shade and published by D3, Bullet Girls Phantasia is the latest installment of the Bullet Girls Series. Described as an action shooting game, you control the girls of the “Ranger Club:” a school where you undergo defense training and fight enemies. This time around the school is located in a fantasy world causing you to fight large waves of orcs and slimes using assault rifles and shotguns.

The key feature of this series is the ‘Interrogation Training’ where the player can tickle or slightly annoy the girls with good/bad and soft/hard touches so that they’ll be prepared for being caught by an enemy. This is purely for training purposes and is essential to the narrative.

You can use various interrogation items during the interrogation like water guns, pacifiers, condensed milk, etc. The character’s mood changes and gives different responses depending on the item used in the interrogation.

In this gameplay trailer, the waifus are the ones interrogating you. This is most likely added to turn on players who have a masochist side. It’s an interesting role reversal but since this is a third-person game it sort of breaks the 4th wall a bit. Unless you play two roles: the girls and the training person. Even so, why would the trainer need to be trained for interrogation. In short, I have some follow up questions.

Based on trailers and marketing, it’s clear this is a sex game with third-person shooter elements rather than the inverse. But for those of you looking for just that, Bullet Girls Phantasia will release on August 9th, 2018 for both PlayStation 4 and Vita in Japan. There is no news regarding a Western release but English speakers can play the Asia version that same day because it will feature both English and Traditional Chinese language options.

[Source: DualShockers]