Bloodborne Collectible Weapons Sharpened And Ready

There is something so incredibly appealing about diving into the punishing worlds of games like Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls and Bloodborne. If you’ve spent countless hours fighting heaps of those nasty bosses in From Software’s popular action-RPG, well then you know just how rewarding victory can be. So, how about feasting your eyes on some of these delicious Bloodborne collectible weapons.

By the way, Bloodborne made its way onto the gaming scene back in March 2015 and was an absolute hit. Players were able to fight an amazing variety of foes in a Victorian-era inspired city of Yharnam.

These collectibles feature the Hunter, a hero who slashes through hordes of enemies in the doomed city of Yharnam. The Hunter realizes that he suffers from some sort of disease, but then he seeks medication to cure it. The Hunter had undergone a Yharnam’s blood transfusion at Iosefka’s Clinic. Following the treatment, weird things start to unfold. The Hunter suffers from a nightmare of blood and beast. And then he died, but guess what? He’s back from the dead! Sound familiar?

So, interested in the Hunter figure? Here’s the word:

Meet the Old Hunter. FromSoftware thoroughly supervised the creation of the Hunter’s statue. The figure’s details are devotedly crafted and wonderfully executed. His new outfit truly resembles the game’s unique gothic vibe. Furthermore, the sculpture outshines the Hunter’s heroic yet subtle posture standing in the middle of the tormented setting.

This sculpture was originally released back in 2015. A lot of its parts were thoroughly remodeled. A short cape and waist belt are added on to the Hunter Garb. It is adjacent to the transformable trick weapon “Beasthunter Saif” wielded in the right hand and “Piercing Rifle” on the left.

Moreover, the sculpture is incorporated with the newly carved motif of “The Hunter’s Nightmare” on the display stand. And if you notice, the statue’s barely visible face is shifted to an older look. This feature really created a totally different ambiance on this statue.

You can also buy different weapons for the hunter’s arsenal, like the Saw Cleaver & Hunter Blunderbuss, the Beast Cutter, and the Cannon.

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Oh and just in case you’re interested, preorders for Bloodborne Collections will run until August 19, 2018 and are expected to release on November 30, 2018.