Jade Raymond Comments on EA Motive’s New IP

EA Motive, the studio run by Jade Raymond and most recently known for the Star Wars Battlefront II campaign, is working on a lot now. Not only is the studio handling what’s left of Visceral’s Star Wars game, but it’s also working on its own projects, including a couple of new IPs. In speaking to Game Informer, Raymond offered some details on the big EA Motive new IP, and even hinted at something else being in the pipeline as well.

The big idea with the first new IP project is the idea of a dynamic action-adventure game. Raymond speaks to this game being a ways off, perhaps ready for introduction in a year or so, but the core concept is about a single game that’s able to change and shift without needing support from subsequent releases, such as sequels.

She also stated that while the game is in its early stages (although it seems like a sci-fi setting has been settled on for a while), she has encouraged the team to think about pushing the game forward in ways other than killing stuff. The goal for this game is for the player’s key motivations to exist beyond shooting and killing, with exploration and discovery being more of a focus.

Other goals with EA Motive’s next game are flexibility and of course, social integration. Raymond speaks to removing barriers, which seems to point to games like Fortnite being available for a wide variety of platforms. She also talks about how gaming is largely a shared, social experience now, and that the action-adventure space hasn’t really capitalized on that yet, in her eyes.

Finally, Raymond also spoke to another project EA Motive is working on, one that seems much smaller in scale, and more personal. She said just three people at EA Motive have been working on it, developing a pitch in their spare time and being awarded space to build a prototype. Now it’s a “fully-fledged” project.

[Source: Gamespot]