Watch 11 Minutes of New Darksiders 3 Gameplay

This month IGN first, IGN’s exclusive preview series,has a fury-ous start with 11 minutes of Darksiders III Gameplay. In this series installment you play as Fury, one of the four Horseman of The Apocalypse. She is a whip-wielding mage and the Rider of the Black Horse whose name is currently unknown.

In the above gameplay footage, things start off in what is essentially a subway that quickly turns catacomb. Fury takes on several enemies, using her whip to fend them off and her graceful, cartwheel dodges to avoid damage. Afterwards, the player approaches a merchant and levels up, keeping in tone with the expected RPG elements Darksiders III will offer.

From the looks of it be ready to take on damage often, especially if you have a more aggressive play style. Although there are few enemies on screen, dodging and proper timing during combat is going to be essential here. The enemies don’t seem to be particularly hard (especially this early on) but expect some push back. You can’t just spam your whip attack and expect things to be okay. Here, we see Fury exploring the area: picking up smaller enemies to throw at larger enemies or burn down obstacles in her path. Thus, confirming a return to that metroidvania level design. The session ends shortly after a larger enemy/mini-boss encounter.

Hopefully we get to see even more of this title prior to its November release.

[Source: IGN]