Fortnite Servers Down as Epic Takes Them Offline Due to Issues (Update: They’re Back)

Update: Epic reports that the servers are back online now.

Original: Fortnite Season 5 launched today. New updates often bring a new influx of players, which can mean issues with the online servers. The Battle Royale giant isn’t immune to them. Epic has currently taken the Fortnite servers down while they investigate some root causes of the problems.

According to Epic, players were having problems with matchmaking and login, both of which are kind of crucial to being able to play an online game. The issues may also be related to PSN issues that players have been having today. While the PSN is not entirely down, there have been some problems with connecting to certain online games, as well as party chat functionality issues, and the inability to make yourself appear online.

At this point, there’s no telling when the servers will be back online, and if it’s on Epic or Sony to get things working (though the Fortnite issues appear to be platform agnostic). The Fortnite Twitter doesn’t make any specifications between platform though, so it looks like Epic is facing problems outside of the PSN issues that were happening earlier today. In our testing, the PSN issues now appear to be largely resolved, with only minor hiccups impacting the ability to set the online status of your profile. The PSN status page still lists “Gaming and Social” as experiencing issues, so you may run into problems when attempting to play online.

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You can keep updated on Fortnite’s latest server status on the status page. You can check on the current PSN status on the PSN status page.