Now Loading: The Hyped Game or Series You Can’t Stand

There are games everyone loves but you hate out there for everyone. Games or series where the world keeps telling you how amazing or classic it is, and how you would be a fool not to love it to infinity and beyond. However, different strokes for different folks I always say, so we decided to hash out those hyped forms of entertainment that despite Zack Morris levels of popularity, we just couldn’t force ourselves to enjoy.

This conversation ended a little bit bloodied and sans a few teeth, but in the end, we all came out friends, I think. Anyway, enough rambling from me. Here are our staff picks for hyped game or series that we just can’t stand or couldn’t get into.

What is the one series or game that you can’t stand but everyone else seems to love? Let us know in the comments and look for another Now Loading next week, where we tackle games that you would die defending. Also, make sure to check out our past Now Loading posts, if you want to learn more about our staff or just to get a good laugh.