Madden NFL 19 Loyalty Rewards Program is Giving Away Free Ultimate Team Packs

Fancy getting an early boost to your Madden NFL 19 Ultimate Team come kickoff on August 10? Then you’ll have to do one of three things, or rather three games. That’s because the Madden NFL 19 Loyalty Rewards Program is giving players who have played a combination of Madden 16-18 free packs and players.

By logging into the same EA account for Madden NFL 19 that you used to play Madden 16, Madden 17 or Madden 18  you will gain a Loyalty Token. You can get up to three Loyalty Tokens to redeem in the different reward tiers, which are as follows.

  • Played only one of the three listed titles: One Fantasy Pack, One 83 OVR Elite
  • Played two of the three listed titles: Two Fantasy Packs, Two 83 OVR Elites
  • Played all three listed titles: Three Fantasy Packs, Three 83 OVR Elites

So who are the Elite players, I hear you cry? Well, there are five available, though it’s not known if you can get duplicates should you redeem more than one pack. Still, these are a good bunch to step onto the field with in August.

  • Jimmy Graham, TE: 83 OVR Elite
  • Brandin Cooks, WR: 83 OVR Elite
  • Demarcus Lawrence, DE: 83 OVR Elite
  • Zach Brown, LB: 83 OVR Elite
  • Glover Quinn, DB: 83 OVR Elite

In even better news, this Madden NFL 19 Loyalty Rewards Program promotion is cross-platform. Should you have migrated to PlayStation after a few years of playing Madden elsewhere, you’ll still be able to claim these rewards, just as long as you use the same EA account. Neat.

[Source: EA]