Creed VR Game, Creed: Rise to Glory, Headed to PSVR Ring

Steven Caple Jr.’s (25 Hill, Grown-ish) Creed II, led by Michael B. Jordan, is scheduled to release on November 21, 2018. And as Jordan reprises his role of Adonis Creed, the son of heavyweight champion Apollo Creed, you too can take on the role of Creed in a new virtual reality game, Creed: Rise to Glory. The gameplay teaser trailer – released during E3 2018 and can be viewed above – looks as if the player is just throwing their arms around the screen, but according to Twinfinite, “Professional boxers will have an edge when playing Creed: Rise to Glory, as the VR game is designed to make players perform the right boxing techniques, from using the right boxing stance to throwing proper punches.”

It seems Creed: Rise to Glory, developed by Survios (Raw Data, Sprint Vector), will not only train professional boxers to help keep their form but also train non-professional boxers on how to get into a boxing stance and throw a punch. “What’s interesting when you watch people play that are not boxers, eventually they figure out the right techniques, something a boxer does,” said Survios engineering lead Eugene Elkin. “They’ll get on the right stance, but they’re not locking or clenching their feet. They’re starting to jab and take their time, and really look for the windows of opportunity.”

In addition to teaching proper boxing techniques, the game will also track how well you use your arms, meaning it’ll register and may attempt to correct any misuse of arm strength – things like velocity, direction, and more are tracked. Elkin said, “We’re tracking your velocity, the distance [traveled], the direction of your fist compared to the velocity vector. Everything matters.” He further adds, “And as you keep playing you realize the little things that make it a more efficient punch, and you naturally start doing speed, velocity, and a hardy punch absolutely matters in this game.”

Creed: Rise to Glory will be knocking you out sometime this fall for the PlayStation VR and PC VR headsets (HTC Vive and Oculus Rift). And PlayStation owners are in for a treat, as it was revealed that a young Rocky Balboa will be exclusive to those playing on PlayStation VR.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]